Know someone arrested for a criminal offense such as DUI or
domestic violence in Burbank?   We have the experience and
dedication to fight for you and achieve the best possible result. Our
Attorneys have some of the highest success rates for Dismissals and
Acquittals in Los Angeles County.  No Defense Attorney knows the
Burbank Court System better than us. Fighting for the underdog is a
way of life for us and we take our jobs very seriously.   You see for
us it is not simply a legal case, it's personal.   Our Lawyers believe
firmly that everyone  charged with a criminal offense deserved to
not only be treated fairly under the law, but is entitled to an
aggressive defense.   We have fought tirelessly to protect our clients
rights under the Constitution.  Over the years we have challenged
illegal traffic stops, illegal arrests, automobile searches and unlawful
searches of our client's homes by the police with or without a

But it is not just what we say about our legal abilities it is what our
former client say that counts:

“I was arrested and charged with DUI, thank you for your hard
work in getting the charges dismissed.  Thank You from the bottom
of my heart."

"Thank You for getting my
petty theft charge dismissed, you have
changed my life"

"I can never tell you how much I appreciate your help in having
possession for sale charges dropped"

"Your local experience made all the difference in my Burbank
criminal case"

"My father was facing the lifetime embarrassment
registering as a
sex offender, you were somehow able to get the charges dropped,
you guys are amazing! "

"Your help in keeping me out of jail for
theft and Burglary was a

"Without your help we would have never been able to get the
domestic violence and criminal threat charges against my son

"I live outside of Los Angeles County and was arrested at the
Burbank Airport for
possession of an illegal weapon, I was very
grateful you could go to Court for me and have the charges
dismissed, thank you so much! "

If you our a loved one has been arrested, has a bench warrant or are
charged with a criminal offense in the Burbank, Pasadena or
Glendale Court, you need the help of an experienced and aggressive
criminal defense attorney to speak up on your behalf and defend
your rights, call us for help and information about
defense costs
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