If you are not a citizen of the United States and are charged with a criminal offense you need an experienced defense lawyer to help navigate you through the Courts.
Criminal Immigration Consequences
Anyone seeking to become a citizen can get information about how
to apply and get approved even though they have a criminal
conviction.  A past indiscretion, even twenty or thirty years ago,
can come back to haunt you now when trying to gain your U.S.

Federal Law related to immigration and naturalization imposes
strict consequences for criminal convictions prior to becoming a
citizen.  Some convictions can result in automatic exclusion and
even deportation.  Although a person can be denied citizenship for
committing theft offenses, such as grand theft, burglary and fraud,
the most common type of exclusion is for aggravated felonies.  The
law defines an aggravated felony in many different ways, however
the most typical is a felony where the individual is sentenced to a
year or more in jail.  

In order to allow a criminal defendant to make an informed,
intelligent and voluntary decision regarding a plea bargain,
California Law imposes a requirement on the Court to give a
specific advisal regarding any potential immigration consequences
as follows:

Prior to acceptance of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to any
offense punishable as a crime under state law, except offenses
designated as infractions under state law, the court shall administer
the following advisement on the record to the defendant:

"If you are not a citizen, you are hereby advised that conviction of
the offense for which you have been charged may have the
consequences of deportation, exclusion from admission to the United
States, or denial of naturalization pursuant to the laws of the United

In addition to this general advisal, the law further requires the
criminal defense attorney representing the defendant to explain
and advise on the specific immigration consequences of his plea.  
The failure to do so is considered ineffective assistance of counsel
and could result in the conviction being thrown out.

criminal defense lawyers have represented numerous people in
attempting to set aside pleas and convictions in order to avoid
deportation or exclusion from naturalization.  In fact, recently we
were able to convince a Los Angeles County Judge to vacate and
set aside a conviction for robbery, thereby allowing the client to go
on and avoid  mandatory deportation.

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Pleading guilty without the right advice can cost you your future!  
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Although the law tends to be in favor of immigrants coming to this
country, if the person offends and violates the criminal statutes he
or she may face exclusion from naturalization to the United States.

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