If you or someone you love has been arrested for any criminal case in Burbank Pasadena or Glendale CA call our lawyers for help.

When you have been arrested or are facing serious criminal
charges, you don't want an amateur defending your rights.  
Our Law Firm consists of a team of legal professionals ready to
fight for your rights to ensure every defense is pursued.  When
you hire us to represent you or a family member, you get a
team of professionals that consist of former prosecutors,
former police and law enforcement and former scientific
services professionals that used to run the county crime lab.  
No one would disagree with the assertion that two heads are
better than one.  Why would you risk your future with
anything else.  Each participant brings his own experiences and
knowledge to the table.  We encourage you to call and speak to
our "legal team" for additional questions or information.

Matthew Ruff, Senior Trial Attorney:
As a Lawyer for over 25 years, he has dedicated his legal career
to protecting the constitutional rights of his clients.  He is a
well  recognized and highly respected Criminal Defense trial
attorney who has limited his practice to exclusive DUI and
criminal defense. Unlike many other so called "Criminal
Attorneys", Mr. Ruff's practice focuses 100% on DUI and
criminal defense, this is the only area of the law he practices so
he knows it well.  This area of specialty consists of both adult
and juvenile cases.  Also unique, is the fact that Mr. Ruff
insists on direct contact with his clients, this means his clients
never have to go through his "legal assistant" or a paralegal to
get answers to their questions or concerns about their criminal

Attorney Matthew Ruff  believes that the client should be
treated with respect and integrity, much like they would treat a
member of their own family.  Communication, honesty,
aggressiveness and legal expertise are all words that have been
used to describe the lawyers.  Unlike other Law Offices, clients
that retain us gain the benefit of having multiple legal minds
work as a team on their case.  The result is a synergy of legal
experience with well over 20 years of knowledge.  If you or
your loved one has a criminal case chances are they have
represented someone with the same charge and will not have to
"reinvent the wheel" in finding the appropriate defense or legal
strategy to reach a favorable resolution.

In 2010 Matthew achieved a milestone in his career with his
recognition by AVVO as a "superb" lawyer with a 10 out of 10
ranking and the highest rating for any law firm in the area.  
Being voted 10 out of a possible 10 affirms the fact that his
work and experience in criminal law over 25 years has been
Burbank Criminal Defense Lawyers, call us when you are in need of a great legal team of attorneys.
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Matthew J. Ruff, Esq.
Attorney Matthew Ruff
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