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We work on your case immediately.
Many criminal defense attorneys don't do anything before appearing at
your arraignment weeks, maybe months, after your arrest. By the time
a court date has been scheduled, it may be too late to obtain critical
evidence available for your defense. We take immediate steps to
protect your constitutional rights and attempt to resolve the case with
the prosecution before a  Los Angeles County, Burbank, Glendale or
Pasadena Court appearance is ever made.

We don't just plea bargain.
Too many criminal defense attorneys see your only option as a plea to
the charges.  Attorney Matthew Ruff believes that the best defense is a
good offense, therefore we aggressively prepare the case by filing
necessary motions and requests for pretrial discovery.  We focus on
getting your case dismissed because a criminal conviction is serious.  
We start off with an approach that positions your case for a dismissal if
the facts warrant it, or a prosecutor reject which can result in your
arrest record being clean inasmuch as California law permits an arrest
to be deemed a "detention only" if the agency that is responsible for
filing charges decides to decline to file.  This can save you major
headaches down the road explaining the incident to prospective
employers and licensing agencies.
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About The Firm
Matthew Focuses on getting your case DISMISSED!

Our  Law Office believes protecting your record from a conviction is the
most important goal.  Using innovative legal strategies, our Lawyers
have an unparalleled record for dismissals in the Burbank Court.  

We know the judicial district where your case will be heard.  We know
the Judges, the Prosecutors and the Court staff where your case will be
defended.  We belong to the local bar associations and organizations in
the area.  Including the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Los Angeles
County Bar Association.  
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Unlike other lawyers in the area, our attorneys proudly publish the
results of our cases.  Although it is impossible to have every case we
defend dismissed, we strive to obtain the best results we can for our
clients.  For us it's not just a case, it's personal.  All cases are
personally handled by our attorneys.  Mr. Ruff personally oversees all
cases and is available to speak to directly, he believes this direct
communication is important to the defense of the case.  You will never
be "passed off" to a paralegal or legal assistant.  

Legal Fees in any given criminal case are determined by the complexity
and seriousness of the charges. Our office charges a flat fee on most
cases as opposed to charging clients on an hourly basis.  This gives the
client the assurance of knowing they will not be charged any more than
the flat fee know matter how many hours are spent on the case.

Every client is given the following promise:  His or her case will be
defended aggressively and diligently from the minute we are retained.  
If the client is in jail we will immediately seek to have him or her
released pending any future Burbank Court appearances.  If the client
is facing jail we will strive to avoid any incarceration regardless of the
client's record or seriousness of the charge. The client will be kept
informed of the status of the case and will be provided with all
necessary information and advice crucial to allow the client to make
important decisions regarding his or her criminal case.

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