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Recent Case Results
Possession of Methamphetamine While Armed, Charges Dropped
Our client, a middle-aged pet care worker, was arrested after police
searched the home pursuant to a warrant.  Drugs and multiple firearms
were seized and the client was facing 6 years in state prison.  The
Lawyer refused to back down to the District Attorneys demand that the
client plead guilty to the charges and negotiated a dismissal of all counts
after completion of drug education classes.

Felony Drug Possession (HS 11350), Entire Case Dismissed
The client was stopped by Burbank Police and cited for driving on
suspended, during his booking officers found cocaine on his person.  
The attorney filed a motion to dismiss for violating his Constitutional
rights, on 4-29-08 the case was dismissed.

Domestic Violence, Criminal Threats - Entire Case Dismissed
Client was arrested and charged with terrorist threats and battery on a
family member.  The Court set bail at $50,000 and issued a restraining
order to keep him away from the family home.  The alleged victim in
the case was not desirous of prosecution, however the Burbank City
Prosecutor wanted jail time and year long counseling.  We set the case
for trial and rejected all offers to settle.  On the day of trial the Judge
granted a defense motion to dismiss the entire case.  

DUI with refusal and open container charges all dropped!
Our firm obtained a NOT GUILTY after trial on DUI with a refusal
allegation and driving while drinking champagne for our client.

Grand Theft and Possession of Counterfeit Currency Charges
Our client, a 17 year old juvenile, was arrested in Burbank and charged
with a number of serious felonies.  He was accused of conspiring with
others to pass counterfeit $100 bills and use his position as a
Department Store cashier to effectuate the theft.  We wanted to keep
his record clean and avoid time in Juvenile Hall.  We met early with the
District Attorney and negotiated a informal diversion which kept the
case out of Court and resulted in all criminal charges being dropped.
The minor got to keep his record clean.

Petty Theft Charges Dropped
Client was arrested after running and fighting with a drug store clerk
after having stolen a pack of batteries.  The client retained our services
with the main objective of keeping the theft charges off his criminal
record.  We immediately arranged a meeting with the Burbank City
Prosecutor and negotiated a deal whereby the client would perform
community service and the charges would be dropped.

Possession of Illegal Weapon Charges Dropped
Client was charged with a felony possession of a weapon in Burbank.  
Our Attorney worked out a deal for a dismissal of the charges with the
local Prosecutor.

Hit and Run Charges Reduced
Client, a student, already on probation for a previous offense,  was
charged with
hit and run in the Burbank Court.  He was facing the loss
of his driving privilege and likely jail time.  Our attorney sat down with
the prosecutor and arranged a disposition that involved a dismissal of
hit and run charges.  Consequently, the client saved his license and
avoided incarceration.

No Jail for Burglary and Theft Charges
Recently, we negotiated a no jail deal for a client charged with multiple
commercial burglary and grand theft allegations out of the Burbank

Grand Theft Auto Case Dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing
Our client was arrested in Pasadena for stealing an automobile.  The
defense was that he had consent to use the car.  The District Attorney
refused to drop the case.  During the preliminary hearing we presented
evidence and witnesses establishing that our client was telling the truth.  
The judge agreed and threw out the entire case.

DUI Charges Involving an Accident, Charges Dismissed
Our client, a salesman visiting the area from out of state, was arrested
for DUI after an accident on the freeway between Burbank and
Pasadena.  A breath test determined his blood alcohol level was .12%.  
We went to Court on his behalf and got the driving under the influence
charges dropped. The client never had to come to Court. The outcome
not only kept the
drunk driving off his record, it also saved his driver's
license from being suspended and avoided the need to file an SR-22
with the DMV and notify his insurance company.

Sex Offense Charges Dropped
The accused was arrested for felony lewd act with a minor and other
serious criminal charges.  The family of the accused hired us and we
immediately went to the jail and met with the client.  After getting our
client's side of the story we sat down with the Burbank Prosecutor and
negotiated a dismissal of the sex offense thereby avoiding lifelong
sex offender registration and the accused was released from custody to
his family.

Probation Violation, Jail Avoided
The client was told by the Burbank City Prosecutor that he wanted 30
days jail for picking up a new case, having previously been placed on
probation out of the Burbank Court.  We were hired and went to Court
and negotiated a no jail disposition on the new case and reinstatement
on the old case., thereby avoiding a
violation of probation.

Client charged with Theft and Burglary,  Early Intervention
Results in all Charges Being Dropped
Our client, a 40 year old employee of a local studio, was arrested after
being observed by loss prevention stealing various items from the
shelves of a mall store. The Burbank Police arrested her for felony
violations and she was facing serious consequences if convicted.  
Fortunately, we were retained by the client and immediately met with
the Prosecutor's Office.  We were successful in negotiating a
disposition which resulted in the theft and burglary charges being
completely dismissed.  This deal was worked out before the client's
scheduled Court date.  This outcome kept the original charges from
appearing on her record, avoiding lifelong embarrassment and shame.

DUI License Suspension (.18% blood alcohol) Set Aside after
The driver was involved in an accident and blew a .18 on the breath
machine.  He came to us and we got him a
DMV hearing, even though
he never requested one within the 10 day period.  Attorney Ruff fought
the suspension because it meant the client's job.  A legal technicality
was raised which resulted in the APS suspension being reversed and set
aside by the Department of Motor Vehicles on  August 17, 2007 .

Possession of Drugs at Airport, All charges Dismissed
Our client was traveling through the Burbank Bob Hope Airport when
security TSA officials found a quantity of marijuana in his bag.  He was
arrested and charged with
possession of controlled substance and
ordered to appear in Court.  He lived outside Los Angeles County so it
was difficult to attend Court.  We were hired and went to Court for
him, we met with the local city prosecutor and negotiated a complete
dismissal of the charges.
Possession of Weapon at Airport, Charges Dropped
While traveling through the city of Burbank, our client was detained at
the airport after a check of her baggage revealed the presence of a pair
of brass knuckles.  The client was arrested and had to post bail.  The
client lived outside the state of California.   We were hired and went to
Court on our client's behalf.  In October of 2007 we negotiated a
dismissal of the felony weapons charge and the client never had to
return to Court.
Driving on a Suspended License, Charges Dismissed
We were retained by a client who at first was reluctant to hire a lawyer
for fear that he would end up with the same outcome.  He was caught
driving after his
license was suspended for a DUI.  We met with the
local city attorney before Court and negotiated a dismissal of the
original charge thereby saving the client from mandatory jail and  the
required installation of an ignition interlock on his car.

Assault on a Burbank Police Officer, Charges Dismissed
Our client was arrested following an alleged assault on a Police officer.  
We were hired early enough to get in and present our client's side of the
story to the Prosecutor before going to Court, whereupon he agreed to
dismiss the original charges filed by the Police.

Internet Sex Crime, Attempted Child Molestation - Probation and
No Jail  
Recently we obtained a probation disposition with no jail for
attempt PC 288, over the web involving a police sting.

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