When you are in need of a Local Gendale California criminal defense attorney, call us, we can help!
Glendale Criminal Defense Attorneys, DUI Defense
The Glendale Courthouse is part of the Los Angeles County North
Central District and is located at 600 East Broadway, a short drive
from our local office.  Our attorneys know this Court better than

All criminal offenses and arrests by police are prosecuted by either
the District Attorneys office or the Glendale City Prosecutor.  Most
felony charges are sent directly to the district attorney while some
misdemeanors can be filed by the Glendale City Prosecutor.  The most
common need for lawyers in the area is for a Glendale DUI Attorney.  
A drunk driving requires immediate attention if you want to save your
drivers license.   Some of the more common crimes our of
fice has
defended in the area are:

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, have a bench
warrant, traffic matter, Glendale DUI,  juvenile criminal offense or
DMV license suspension,
contact our office immediately for a no fee
case evaluation.  Our criminal defense team is available to consult
with you and explain your legal defenses and options.  When you call
our Law Firm you will never be "passed off" to a case manager,
paralegal or secretary.

We believe that anyone who has the unfortunate circumstance of
being investigated or arrested by the police needs dependable, honest
advice from an experienced attorney that practices criminal law
exclusively and knows the local Glendale Court and Judges.  We are
here to help when you need us.  If you have a petty theft arrest or
shoplifting ticket, for example, you need answers right now.  We have
those answers.

Our experience in the Glendale Court is unsurpassed.  Recently, our
attorney was able to have all DUI charges dismissed in a case where
the CHP officer alleged our client was weaving and his blood alcohol
was over the legal limit. Put the power of our Glendale Criminal
Defense Lawyers on your side.  Call us today for a free unbiased case
evaluation, you will be glad you did.

Our success rate on drunk driving cases, shoplifting and petty theft is
unsurpassed.  Your can hire the attorney that gets results, or hire the
other "cheaper guy" who will plead you guilty first chance they get.

You have heard the phrase: "you never get a second chance to make
a first impression"  Well, when it comes to a criminal case, you never
get a second chance to fight the case and have it removed from your
record.  If you do nothing you will be convicted and forever scarred
with a criminal record.  Call the
Glendale Criminal Attorney who
knows how to fight and win cases.  Whether your matter involves
general criminal defense or you require a Glendale DUI Attorney, we
are here to help.  Our innovative defense techniques have proven
successful in hundreds of cases.

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