The Burbank Criminal Courthouse in Los Angeles County is located at 300
E. Olive Avenue in the
City of Burbank California 91502. The telephone
number to the Court is (818) 557-3482.

The Court handles both civil and criminal matters 5 days a week.  The
Superior Court is comprised of seven divisions and  has four full time
judges and three commissioners.  Divisions 1, 2 and G hear criminal cases
such as petty theft, domestic violence, DUI, drunk driving and hit and run.  
While most traffic matters, such as speeding ticket offenses, are heard in
division 3.  Parking is available in the lot behind the Court and across the
street in the city government center, however, you should be aware that
there is a 2 hour limit on those spaces.  Parking in front of the Burbank
Court, on the street is possible as well.

For all criminal cases, warrants and traffic matters the first Court
appearance is known as the arraignment and is a time for a plea to be
entered. A
Criminal Defense Lawyer in Burbank should be consulted for
these cases.

The Court allows private attorneys to appear on behalf of his or her client
on most misdemeanor, infraction and traffic cases such as DUI, and
speeding ticket charges.  When you or a loved one has been arrested or has
a warrant of arrest, hiring the right Burbank defense attorney is important
to the outcome of the case.  

A common question people have is what is a bench warrant?  
Answer:  It is the most common type of judicial order in criminal Court.  A
Burbank judge will usually issue one when someone fails to appear in
Court, does not comply with a term of probation, or doesn't pay a fine or
finish classes or community service.  The amount of the bench warrant will
usually relate to the severity of the offense.  Any law enforcement officer
can take a person into custody under the authority of such a judicial order.  
In some cases the warrant is issued as a "no bail" order.  This means if the
individual is arrested he or she cannot post a bail bond and be released.

If you believe there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest in Burbank
California you need to contact an experienced criminal attorney
immediately. You are at risk of being arrested and taken to jail at any time
the police choose to do so.  A Lawyer can go to Court for you and have the
warrant recalled and quashed, often without the necessity of the client
appearing.  Any unfinished probationary terms can be reinstated and the
individual's record can be cleaned up.  Once the warrant has been cleared,
we can request the Court to notify the DMV and clear any hold on a
person's drivers license.  The  State of California Department of Justice will
also be notified to update a person's criminal record to reflect the clearance.

For additional information about the Burbank Courthouse in Los Angeles
California, its history, hours of operation, the Judges that sit in that
particular Court and the criminal justice system in general visit attorney
Matthew Ruff on Google Plus.

In addition, you can browse the LASC Superior Court website that gives
you the phone numbers of each division and the clerk's hours on any given
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