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Matthew J. Ruff, Esq.
25 Years Experience in Criminal Law

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If you have been arrested for a criminal offense or DUI the only person
standing between you and a conviction in Court is a defense attorney.  A
Conviction can forever stain your DMV record and may prevent you from
getting inexpensive insurance, a license and possibly your dream job.

Are you facing an upcoming Court date for a Burbank DUI or other criminal
charge?  We are Local Lawyers specializing in all criminal charges including
drunk driving, drug charges, petty theft, hit and run, airport offenses such as
possession of drugs, marijuana, weapons and contraband.  We can go to
Court for you on most  matters.  For decades we have been tirelessly
advocating on behalf of our clients who a good hard-working folks that, for a
variety of reasons, may have had a lapse in judgment or made a mistake.  
Our clients take full advantage of our prior experience within a District
Attorneys Office.   The Law Firm of Matthew Ruff also has the home town
advantage and knows the "ins and  outs" of the local  Burbank Superior
Court,  the Pasadena Court, Glendale Court, the Judges and the Los Angeles
District Attorney and City Prosecutor's office.  Because we are local, with an
office in Torrance, we have contacts with the decision makers in your case.

One recent example of a case success is where Matt defended a client out of
Santa Clarita Valley on a drunk driving charge.  The DMV was trying to
suspend the licensee and Matt stopped it by demanding a formal hearing.  At
the hearing Matthew showed errors in the collection process and got the
suspension SET ASIDE and the Department returned the license despite a
blood test result of .25 percent.

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With over thirty years of combined experience, our attorneys are uniquely
qualified to handle your case.   If  you have been arrested and charged with a
crime in Burbank Superior Court, Los Angeles CA,  contact us  for a free
review of  your case and to discuss our approach to defending you in Court.  
Our team can even make Court appearances for you in many cases if you do
not live in the area.  We have helped hundreds of honest hard working people
keep their record clean, avoid going to Court and be free from a criminal
record that would surely haunt them for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to
keep your permanent record blemish free.

The city of Burbank is 15 minutes northwest of downtown Los Angeles.  
Touted as the "media capital of the world" and located near Hollywood, it is
home to numerous entertainment companies and production facilities,
including the Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music,
Nickelodeon, just to name a few.  With a vibrant downtown and world class
shopping the town has much to offer.  Our Lawyers know the city and the
law enforcement that patrol it.

For example, in one recent case our attorney was able to have commercial
burglary charges dropped in a case where the client was charged with stealing
in a store in Burbank.  What should have been a simple shoplifting charge
was elevated to a burglary case by the police who believed our client entered
the store with the intent to steal.  In another recent case our client was
stopped and charged with driving on a suspended license due to a DUI
conviction he suffered months prior.  We got the charges dropped and
avoided mandatory jail for the client.

In another case, our client was arrested by the Burbank Police for Domestic
Violence charges involving a family member.  The accused was offered many
months in jail by the city attorney before he called Matthew.  With our help,
we got all charges dropped.  This was a disposition that elated the defendant
so much he shouted out his appreciation with such volume he had to be
removed by the bailiff.

A similar result was obtained for a person charged with possession of drugs
for sale.   The District Attorney filed charges that were intended to result in a
felony being placed on the record of the accused.  Attorney Matthew Ruff
fought the charges and obtained a disposition that ultimately resulted in a
dismissal of the case.  Not only did the client avoid any time in jail but he
continues to refer his friends to us to this day for any legal action.

Other examples of the cases we handle are: Burbank  
DUI , DWI, drunk
driving, petty theft, burglary,  possession of illegal drugs  such as marijuana,  
heroin,  methamphetamine,  cocaine, gun charges,  domestic violence,  
spousal abuse speeding tickets,  internet 288 arrest,  reckless driving,  airport
shoplifting,  assault and battery, public intoxication,  under the
influence, trespassing,  resisting arrest,    Hit and Run,  drug paraphernalia,  
driving on a suspended or revoked license, disorderly conduct,  fraud lawyer,
credit card  theft, perjury,  
DMV  APS  license suspensions, negligent
operator suspension,   290 registration, criminal city code violations,
contracting without a license juvenile law, bench warrant recall, failure to
appear, illegal weapons possession, reduction of bail / release on O.R., sales
of narcotics, expungement of convictions,  illegal search and seizure, search
warrant law and all serious misdemeanor and  
felony  cases  in the  City of
Pasadena  and  Glendale Criminal Court.

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As local Burbank criminal defense attorneys familiar with the system,  we
understand your situation.  We know being arrested in Burbank is a scary
experience and spending time in jail is likely the most traumatic event in a
person's life.  The decisions made following your arrest can determine your
future.  Our Burbank Criminal Defense Lawyers are here to help guide you
through the maze of legal proceedings that await you.  Without an
experienced advocate on your side you are at the mercy of a system that only
wants to convict you, put you on probation and sully your record and
reputation.  We stand in the way of that and aggressively defend your rights
and will not rest or leave any stone unturned that may allow us to get your
charges dismissed, dropped or reduced.

When you call us you will not be "passed off" to a paralegal, "case manager "
or legal secretary.  We promise honest, discreet advice and aggressive
representation for a reasonable flat upfront fixed fee through the disposition
of your case.  We are committed to the pursuit of Justice for our clients and
are constantly striving to provide innovative and creative legal defenses and
up to date knowledge of
California Criminal Law.   If you have questions
such as what is my next step?  Or, what are my options?  What are DUI
Consequences?   The officer did not read me my rights when I was arrested,
is this legal? If I plead guilty will I go to jail?   These are all legitimate
questions which require straightforward answers by a qualified criminal
defense lawyer in Burbank.

Call us for immediate answers to your questions.  The call is always free and
though we cannot predict specific outcomes on any case, you will leave the
call with answers to your concerns and a better understanding of the process.  
Indeed, the law is complex, only a criminal lawyer who practices in Burbank
and the surrounding cities can effectively explain the possible options a
person has in Court.

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Torrance Criminal Defense Attorney.

Any results portrayed in the Web site were obtained in particular cases which
depended upon the unique facts and circumstances. Because of subtle factual
differences in every criminal arrest and investigation along with variations in
particular evidence results will vary from each case such as:  Elder Abuse,
Criminal Threats, Assault and Battery, Drug Intoxication, Possession for
Sale, Credit Card Fraud, Miranda Rights Violations,  Bad Check fraud,
Identity theft,  Internet Sex Crime,  Petty Theft, Grand theft , Burglary,
DMV,  Expungement of conviction, Failure to Appear situation resulting in a
bench warrant, Driving on suspended license, Probation violation and
revocation, Hit and Run charges Wet Reckless Reduction Marijuana Medical
Use Defense and Shoplifting of merchandise and subsequently arrested by
loss prevention security or local Burbank police department.

Many clients live in other areas of the state, as an example, a referral was
recently received from
Bakersfield Attorney Bruce Blythe who did a splendid
job for an arrested individual who prevailed at a DMV hearing for an
excessive B.A.C. case.

There is a significant amount of discomfort associated with an arrest for a
criminal offense or a DUI.  At our law firm, we strive to help alleviate that
stress and worry to allow you to return to a level of normalcy in your life. For
additional Information on Immigration Consequences and Defense of
Criminal Charges and legal fees in the L.A. CA Superior Court in Los
Angeles California call us today.  Our legal advocates can immediately take
action to protect your god-given legal rights.  Remember, some rights require
you to assert them in a timely manner in order to avoid losing them all
together, such as the law that governs DMV hearings.  If you fail to assert
your right to challenge the DUI arrest with 10 calendar days you lose that
right forever.  The state of California will seek to revoke your driving
privilege unless you take affirmative action.  A Burbank DUI Attorney can
file the necessary paperwork to save your ability to drive and also keep you
from having to serve any jail time for drunk  driving.  Not many people
realize that the law imposes specific requirements on the police to follow
regulations related to the administration of breath and blood testing.  Our
lawyers know the fine details of these laws and use them to get the best
results for the folks we represent.

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Top Rated DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff has been standing between the
government and his clients for close to 25 years.  Visit his social media posts
that offer informative articles about DUI defense, criminal law topics and
other issues that are important to the average person seeking knowledge
about the legal system.

Among the many areas of expertise Matthew has mastered is the art of
fighting and winning DWI charges by getting the breath and blood tests
thrown out.  For example, Matt recently won a case involving a .25 blood
result where he showed that the collection and testing of the sample violated
state law.  The California DMV SET ASIDE the license suspension after
Matthew exposed the error at a formal hearing.  If you are facing a charge of
driving while impaired due to either alcohol or drugs such as marijuana, call
Matt today to discuss your rights and defenses.
Burbank DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff
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