Not all Lawyer focus on criminal defense, we do.  Call us for a consultation on your Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena case.
If you or a loved one has been arrested in the Burbank area you need
quick, decisive and informative answers to your legal questions from a
qualified knowledgeable and experienced lawyer that knows the local
system judges prosecutors and Court staff.  When looking for a good
attorney with references and strong background you should speak to a
variety of lawyers and make your decision based on reliable advice.  We
strongly recommend anyone that has been booked, has a warrant whether
it be a bench warrant or one issued by a law enforcement agency,  to seek
guidance from a professional.  Be forewarned that the police are not on
your side and you should not agree to give a statement, answer questions
or take a polygraph examination without legal representation.

Below is a directory of informational and legal resource pages that can be
found within the site:

Burbank area Airport arrest Lawyers for possession of narcotics in baggage, Criminal Defense Attorney located
in Burbank CA, Southern California Drunk Driving and driving under the influence  Domestic Violence and
Crime offenses such as Internet obscene matter and attempted molestation of a minor Aggressive Shoplifting
Defense to keep a conviction off your record, Hit and Run Charges Defense in Los Angeles, Stalking,
Restraining Orders 290 Registration, Juvenile Criminal Lawyer, Glendale Criminal Law and retaining a law firm
to recall a bench warrant or have a warrant for arrest quashed due to failure to comply with a term of probation
or community service or not paying a fine ordered by a Judge.

out of the area or county.  In addition, if the case involves criminal charges you should hire a criminal defense
lawyer and not a general practitioner.  For more information about Burbank, Glendale or Pasadena criminal
Court, the Judges and prosecutorial practices in any given case call us
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